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« Summer Catch (TV-14, PG, **) A privileged girl and her family spend the summer on Cape Cod and she begins a relationship with a local boy who hopes to become a major league baseball player.
How I Met Your Mother Spoiler Alert (HD, TV-PG) Ted believes that his new girl is wonderful, and the gang really upsets him after they point out her horrible, deal-breaking flaw.
How I Met Your Mother Slapsgiving (HD, TV-PG) The slap bet clock returns haunt Barney, and Lily and Marshall host their first Thanksgiving together as a married couple.
Raising Hope Single White Female Role Model (HD, TV-14) Sabrina is arrested, but when the mayor grants Virginia three wishes, Jimmy turns them down, risking Sabrina's chances of being exonerated.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
The Dick Van Dyke Show The Unwelcome Houseguest (TV-G) Laura yearns for a nice, quiet weekend, but Rob doesn't want to go because he has to take care of Larry, Buddy's dog.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, MO. (TV-G) Rob is bothered by Harrison B. Harding after running into him and Harding knowing far too much about him, so Rob has him over for dinner.
The Real McCoys The Screen Test (TV-G) Hassie desperately wants to have a screen test in order to further her acting career, so the McCoys use their savings to help the young girl.
The Real McCoys Work No More, My Lady (TV-G) Kate begins to feel unappreciated by McCoy household, so she decides to take action in order to ensure that she gets the credit she deserves.
Here's Lucy Lucy Takes Over (TV-G) When Lucy finds an old diary that belonged to her great-grandmother, she finds out someone from Harry's side of the family owed Lucy's side of the family money.
Here's Lucy Lucy and Carol Burnett (TV-G) Lucy competes against her friend Carol Krausmeyer in entering a Secretary Beautiful Contest, which causes a rival between the friends; saxophone performance.
Stagecoach West The Marker (TV-PG) Luke helps a young woman hide from her ill-tempered gambler boyfriend; when her boyfriend finds out, he plans to get her back by any means necessary.
The High Chaparral The Arrangement (TV-PG) John and Buck set out for Mexico to try and strike a peace treaty with their new rival, Don Sebastian Montoya, but the man proposes several conditions.
The Rebel He's Only a Boy (TV-PG) Johnny delivers a letter to a townsman targeted by a young man who has become quite the vicious gunfighter in a valiant effort to defend his family name.
The Rebel Take Dead Aim (TV-PG) Johnny befriends a married couple when the lonely wife tells him of her strong feelings while the jealous husband vows to kill him.
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