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Judge Judy Emergency Move-Out; Stolen Shotgun? (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A pawn shop owner sues a man for pawning a stolen shotgun, which was subsequently confiscated by the police; a man sues his ex-roommate for his deposit.
Judge Judy Jewelry Thieves Caught on Tape; Brutus the Service Dog (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A pawn shop camera may be the undoing of a man claiming he did not steal from a friend; the custody of a service dog is in dispute.
Hot Bench Judge Jerry Guest Appearance!; Graveyard Shift Shiftiness. (HD, New, TV-G) Judge Jerry Sheindlin provides council on a case regarding single parents who are at odds over a car loan; a security guard is accused of crashing into a car.
Hot Bench Abusive Landlord Caught on Tape?!; Rehab and the Missing Money! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A landlord is caught on tape locking out and verbally abusing his ex-tenant, but he claims that the video evidence does not tell the whole story.
Family Guy E Peterbus Unum (TV-14) A zoning malfunction committed by the city planners gives Peter the opportunity to convert the Griffin household in the sovereign nation of Petoria.
Family Guy Stewie B. Goode (TV-14) While participating in a swim meet at the local pool, Stewie has a near-death experience that grants him a terrifying vision of his future.
Frasier Dinner at Eight (TV-PG) Frasier and Niles accept an invitation to eat at Martin's favorite restaurant after he declines their own, but it has a laid-back atmosphere that they abhor.
Frasier I Hate Frasier Crane (TV-PG) When Frasier makes a derogatory comment about a newspaper columnist on his show, the journalist challenges him to a fist fight, but Frasier quells.
Murder, She Wrote What You Don't Know Can Kill You (TV-PG) In Cabot Cove, Seths niece is set to get married but her husband-to-be has been seemingly killed in a motorcycle accident just before the event.
The A-Team Chopping Spree (TV-PG) The A-Team attempt to trap those involved with an auto theft ring, and use their own vehicles, including the van and Face's Corvette, to attract them.
Xena: Warrior Princess Livia (TV-PG) Xena and Gabrielle awaken after spending twenty-five years frozen in an ice tomb, where Ares has put their bodies after they were thought to be dead.
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Once a Hero (TV-G) Hercules and Iolaus must figure out what can be done when they arrive in Corith for an Argonaut reunion to the sight of King Jason as a drunk.
NYPD Blue I Like Ike (TV-14) Clark protects a court witness whose life is in danger; Medavoy faces possible charges for moonlighting; Sipowicz studies for the sergeant's exam.
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