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Hot Bench Love for Sale?; Online Gambling Loans? (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A man accuses a woman he met on a dating website of trying to buy his feelings, while she claims there was a loan agreement in place.
Family Guy The Most Interesting Man in the World (HD, TV-14) Peter proves to Lois that he is a dependable, mature adult after he takes Stewie to the park for valuable father-son time and comes home with another baby.
Family Guy The Blind Side (HD, TV-14) Brian starts dating a blind woman but things get a little dicey when he discovers that she hates dogs; the Griffins install a new staircase for Peter.
Bones Bones On the Blue Line (HD, TV-14) After a subway accident, Sweets deals with post traumatic stress while the team investigates a partially skeletonized body identified as a ghost writer.
Bones The Part in the Sum of the Whole (HD, TV-14) Booth and Brennan attempt to set the record straight about their relationship as Sweets readies the finishing touches on his book about their partnership.
« The Blue Lagoon (TV-MA, R, **) Two children shipwrecked on a tropical island together learn to survive and as they grow, discover first love in each other's arms.
Hollywood Treasure Auctions Are Like a Box of Chocolates (TV-PG) Joe meets one of the largest collectors of Hollywood memorabilia in the world; Tracey negotiates the purchase of props from the original "Wonder Woman" series.
Run for Your Life The Grotenberg Mask Paul tries to convince Dina to end her romance with ski bum Johnny only to become involved in a murder case after the two sail back to the United States.
I Spy The Time of the Knife (TV-PG) Robinson is framed for murder while investigating the death of a friend who had been in possession of information on a secret remote missile guidance system.
« Boiling Point (TV-14, R, **) A federal agent travels from Los Angeles to Newark on the trail of an associate's killer before he is taken off the case in a week.
Linewatch (TV-14, R, **) A border patrol guard's past life as a Los Angeles gangster comes back to haunt him in his reformed life in New Mexico when his family is threatened.
G (TV-14, R, **) Summer G, a hip hop artist from the wrong side of the tracks, falls for a college girl from the upper class and spends 10 years trying to win her affections.
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