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The X-Files Christmas Carol (TV-14) While on Christmas vacation, Scully receives an alarming message that leads her to a murder victim's adopted daughter, who bears an uncanny family resemblance.
The X-Files Emily (TV-14) DNA testing on Emily reveals that she is actually Scully's daughter and Mulder comes to assist her and to find out where and how the girl was born.
Tosh.0 Reporter Who Can't Break Glass (HD, TV-14) Host Daniel Tosh attempts to tease everybody that he knows and gives the reporter who can't break glass a second chance with a Web Redemption.
American Dad! Office Spaceman (HD, TV-14) Roger is made the head of a CIA task force on extra-terrestrials after he leaks photos of himself to the media; Francine deals with her left-handedness.
Miami Vice Heroes of the Revolution (TV-PG) An East German spy comes to town to kill the former Cuban officer who murdered Gina's mother just as the squad is trying to arrest the Cuban for running drugs.
Baywatch Air Buchannon (TV-PG) Mitch and Stephanie partner up for a twenty-four hour shift on one of their busiest days, during which they help some accident victims.
Quantum Leap Camikazi Kid - June 6, 1961 (TV-PG) Sam leaps into the life of a high school teen whose sister is planning to marry an abusive alcoholic, and he attempts to prevent the wedding from taking place.
Star Trek: Voyager Resolutions (TV-PG) An insect bite makes it impossible for Chakotay and Janeway to leave an alien planet, but the crew refuses to give up their search for cure.
Star Trek: Enterprise Fusion (TV-PG) When the Enterprise picks up a group of separatist Vulcans, T'Pol warns that Captain against the potentially disastrous threat that they represent.
NYPD Blue Cop in a Bottle (TV-14) The detectives of the 15th Precinct investigate a double homicide involving one of their own, an alcoholic cop who can't remember details about the incident.
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