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« Haven William (HD, TV-14) The mysterious brutes from the barn have followed Lexie to Haven and are holding William hostage, and Audrey and William attempt to uncover their plan.
Murdoch Mysteries Twisted Sisters (HD, TV-PG) A random series of violent drowning deaths of university-educated unmarried career women leads Murdoch to suspect sexist and racist motives.
Judge Judy Flat Screen and False Arrest; Lover Loan to Fix Teeth (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A woman is suing her ex-boyfriend after she claims that he assaulted her and broke her flat screen television, though he says is was a false arrest.
Judge Judy Nutty Roommate?; Unwed Parents Fight (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A woman claims that she couldn't move in because the roommate-to-be freaked out; a man wants the mother of his son to pay him back for loans.
She's the Man (TV-14, PG-13, **+) With her twin brother skipping school, a teenage girl attends a prestigious boarding school disguised as him and falls for one of her soccer teammates.
Columbo Fade in to Murder (TV-PG) A soap opera actor kills his former lover, who also happens to be his producer, after she blackmails him and makes it look like her husband did it.
The A-Team A Nice Place to Visit (TV-PG) The team learns that an old friend of theirs from Vietnam is dead and they travel to his hometown to attend his funeral and encounter a rival family.
Knight Rider Knightlines (TV-PG) A criminal is using wiretaps within a defense contractor's building that are virtually undetectable and has been willing to kill in order to keep this a secret.
« Star Trek Operation: Annihilate (TV-G) The Enterprise investigates a plague of insanity sweeping the galaxy and finds that it is caused by intelligent microbes.
Star Trek: The Next Generation The Battle (TV-PG) After picking up a ship he once commanded, a mind-control device causes Picard to relive an old battle and attack the Enterprise.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine The Nagus (TV-PG) Quark is appointed as the successor to the visiting leader of the Ferengi Alliance, with the prospects of Gamma Quadrant profits making him political enemies.
Star Trek: Voyager Jetrel (TV-PG) Neelix must confront old ghosts when the man responsible for creating the weapon that destroyed his home world comes aboard Voyager.
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