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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Lost Traveler (HD, TV-14) After a Romani boy disappears, Benson and Amaro begin their investigation; a cell phone is discovered, and detectives narrow their suspects down to a neighbor.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Spiraling Down (HD, TV-14) The detectives find the 14-year-old daughter of a military colleague of Detective Amaro's wife working as a prostitute after being reported missing.
Tosh.0 Peter Pan Girls (HD, TV-14) Host Daniel Tosh hangs out in Las Vegas, harasses his close friend, and gives the Peter Pan girls a second chance with a special Web Redemption.
American Dad! Blonde Ambition (HD, TV-14) Hayley goes on another crusade to save the planet, but when she isn't getting the attention she wants, she decides the best way to change that is to go blonde.
Miami Vice Cuba Libra (TV-PG) As the Vice Squad investigates a group of anti-Communist Cuban exiles, they learn that the group plans to assassinate a Cuban diplomat who is coming to Miami.
Baywatch Lifeguard Confidential (TV-PG) A sleazy television reporter flies around the beach in his helicopter and attempts to dig up some dirt on the private lives of the lifeguards of Baywatch.
Quantum Leap Her Charm - September 26, 1973 (TV-PG) As an FBI agent, Sam must protect a woman under witness protection from a mafia drug dealer, but someone on the inside is trying to sabotage her safety.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Little Green Men (TV-PG) Quark's new ship malfunctions while en route to Starfleet Academy, leaving him, Rom and Nog stranded in Roswell during the 1940s.
Star Trek: Voyager Mortal Coil (TV-PG) When Neelix is brought back from death by means of Seven's advanced Borg technology, the Talaxian suffers a crisis of faith and becomes suicidal.
Star Trek: Enterprise Borderland (TV-PG) Archer enlists the help of a brilliant criminal known as Dr. Arik Soong when a genetically engineered group of humans cause a war between Earth and Klingons.
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